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rHack by RIscRIpt 0.295 (cracked by ratwayer & Include)

Тема в разделе Читы CS 1.6, создана пользователем ERROR404, 29 мар 2013.

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  1. ERROR404
    Команда форума

    ERROR404 Администратор

    Вне сети
    29 мар 2013 #1

    Описание: ENG

    [/FONT][/COLOR]Extremely Productive Engine rHack is using it's own ways of achieving things. Nearly every single feature is unique and made specifically to satisfy your needs. We're always looking for a way to improve what we already have to be ahead of everyone. Anyway, if rHack isn't that good, then why other people use previous generation of rHack that was called xHack to build their "own" cheats? . Not to mention the names of "their" hacks. 
    — Custom Prefix
     You're able to pick your own prefix for the rHack to customize it in the way you want. It's also usefull to avoid getting banned by anti cheats and makes your rHack unique as well! 
    — WallHack
     WallHack with optional settings for alphaoffset (responsible for the range of view) and different types of color adjustments. 
    — AimBot
     Built to give you different methods of achieving the result. With HitBox, Bones and Origin methods ready ot use, it is possible to set it up to be undetectable. You can manage is as you wish, it has a lot of possible configurations such as smoothness, field of view, auto wall, trigger bot, invisible aim and friendly fire. 
    — TriggerBot
     When a target hits your field of view your gun automatically shoots. Combination of AutoWall, NoRecoil and NoSpread gives the best results. 
    — AutoWall or Perfect Wall
     A brilliant piece of code that will hit your target when killing thru a certain object and/or wall with the current weapon is possible. 
    — NoRecoil
     NoRecoil reduces or negates the recoil, the "backward kick" produced by a gun so your crosshair will remain in the same position. 
    — NoSpread
     NoSpread reduces or negates the bullets spreading around the crosshair so all of the bullets shot will hit one spot. 
    — rConnect
     Get a list of online rHack users, their ID, current nickname, name of the server they're playing on and it's IP address. You can join them and play together! 
    — JumpBug Hack
     JumpBug is a thing that allows you to jump off from everything and fall down without loosing any health points. In rHack guaranteed chance of a successful JumpBug is 100%. RIscRIpt was the first ever to create a JumpBug script and then a hack. * 
    — Ground Strafes
     Ground Strafes is the best way to float around the map leaving all your enemies far behind you. In rHack Ground Strafes work without slowdown and are twicked to give a flying possibility on inclines automatically. Bhop Groundstrafe as well as Stand Up Groundstrafe is available. Your imagination is the only one your limiter, run with up to 2000 units per second speed (sv_maxvelocity 2000). 
    — Strafes Hack
     A good cheat for Hide and Seek can not exist without strafes hack. In rHack strafes are up to 30% more effective compared to xHack, customizable to fit the "sv_airaccelerate" parameter on the server. Smooth and unnoticeable strafes. Strafe Hack is able to detect your desired strafing direction automatically. Manual pitch and yaw speeds. 
    — Strafe Helper
     Strafe Helper does the job of strafing undetectably for you if you wish to play silently. It has different variations of working: sidemove, buttons, forwardmove. You can use multiple methods at the same time. With custom levels of boosting in the air you can control your jumping distance and sync. Strafe Helper is able to detect your desired strafing direction automatically. 
    — Bunny Hop
     Bunny Hop hack with "showkeys" fix to make you undetectable for plugins and other users that check you for bunny hop hacks. Standup Bunny Hop can be used as well. 
    — Knife Bot
     If you are not good at knifing, this will definitely help you. Two different techniques of detecting and attacking enemies. You can knife your enemies when going with your back to them. KnifeBot has an auto_goto feature that can be used as a protection measure when you're "Away From Keyboard". Customizable with cvars to suit your needs. 
    — Auto Math Quiz
     This feature will solve the math problems for you on some servers that are running this plugin. So you will always be the first one to get a reward. 
    — Extra Sensory Perception (ESP)
     Extra Sensory Perception, or simply called — ESP will help you to see other enemies thru walls to locate their position and get live information about them. ESP has a feature called chams into it that will let you see an entire player's model behind the objects. Some other interesting tweaks are available as well. 
    — Far ESP
     What Far ESP does is lets you see the enemies wherever they are, even if they're on the other part of the map. You can see if they get damage either from your shots or your opponent's. Indispensable feature! 
    — ESP Chams
     ESP Chams help you to see the body of your target when it can't be seen in the open or easily distingueshed from the surrounding enviroinment. So if someone will be hiding behind a big box, you will be able to see him without having WallHack activated. 
    — Speed Hack and Speed Engine
     Speed Hack speeds up the player model in game, this lets you to do things a lot faster, but however, slows you down sometimes (forced by server). Speed Engine sends packets to server faster, in result you get fundamental boost and no lags. 
    — Chat
     Finally an idea that has been hidden in xHack is now improved and ready for using in rHack. We've implemented a private chat specifically for rHack users that will stay invisible to all other players. You can chat when in lobby by using console or directly in game! 
    — Custom CopyCvar
     You can create your own custom copy cvars as of now. In order to do that you need to create a copycvar.ini file in your rHack directory and put an OldCommand:NewCommand there. Each new copy cvar must begin on a new line. You can use %PREFIX% flag in it and rewrite the original rHack commands if you don't like them in the way they are. Please note: setinfo cvars CAN NOT be copied. 
    — Play Bot
     Another feature that has been in plans for almost over a year now. What PlayBot is, that it lets you record your actions on all one hundred percents and then lets you play recorded stuff over and over again. You can record multiple traces on maps and then use them as you wish. 
    — Waypoint Bot
     Unique and extremely useful feature. It lets you to create your own waypoints on a map and record a series of macroses that can be used later. Once you step on the beginning of a waypoint rail, you're being taken through all your waypoints to your destination point. It's combined with Speed Engine, so everything happens in a blink of an eye. Absolutely flawless feature. 
    — RoundCMD
     RoundCMD implies round begin and round end command execution. For example if you're playing on a JailBreak server and want to use a weapon bug. Just use +use command with a round end offset of 100 milliseconds and viola! 
    — SilentRun or Russian Walking
     You achieve a silent run effect by hitting timed crouches while running so your enemies will have a hard time detecting you. 
    — Freelook
     Freelook gives you an opportunity to fly around the map while being alive, just like if you'd be a spectator. 
    — Third Person Hack
     From the name of this feature you already know what it does. It switches your camera to the third person's view with customizable distance. Extremely useful on some servers. 
    — Anti-Screen Shot
     If you're afraid of being catched on cheating, this feature is for you. When someone will try to execute a screenshot or a snapshot command on you, rHack will take care of your safety. There will be no evidence of violations from your side on the picture. Everyone is innocent until proven cheaty, right? ;) 
    — Fast Run
     Default running speed is 250 units per second. By holding only one button you will be able to sprint with a up to 279.01 units per second speed. That is awesome, isn't it? 
    — Ready Boost Helper
     Simple yet awesome feature to follow player, basically, a ready boost helper. Build up to x4 high "towers" (tested with 4 people) and have fun! 
    — HighJump Measurer
     This feature lets you to find out a distance to the edge you're interested in in units (block distance). Perpendicular will be held from the flat you're aiming on to the flat on the opposite side with the distance displayed. 
    — Steam ID Spoof
     A non-Steam only feature that spoofs your Steam ID to trick servers, plugins and administrators. Can be helpful to avoid bans including very popular AMXBans. 
    — HLTV Steam ID
     Change your Steam ID to "HLTV"! It's that simple. This makes it impossible to ban you by your Steam ID when playing with Steam version of the game. 
    — Cvar Spoof
     This feature lets you use any desired value on ex_interp We're sure if you know whatit's for you can be happy. If you're interested in other commands, just tell us. 
    — Setinfo Spoof
     This feature lets you to spoof setinfo keys that start with "*". 
     There are many more features that we may have forgotten, like flight trajectory of grenades, built in calculator, binder, no-motd, auto retry on kick and much much more! So why you're still reading this? Proceed to purchasing of rHack right now! Your satisfaction is guaranteed![COLOR=#CCCCCC][FONT=verdana]




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